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Hera International School



Education by keeping pace with future. Imagination is our power.







We believe education will help our students to READ, LEAD AND THEN SUCCEED.



Dear Parents and Students of Hera International School,

Welcome back to all our returning students, their families and a warm welcome to our new students and their families.

I sincerely hope that everyone had a wonderful summer. We are looking forward to having our students share what they did and what they learned over the long vacation.

I would like you to read through the Hera School Handbook for students and parents which clearly explain some important rules for Hera International School students.

Hera Staff have prepared for a productive year for our students; we will look forward to celebrating the Saudi national day, Sport day, Annual day, KG Graduation and many many more events with our students.

I hope this year will also be a successful year.


Yours Sincerely,



Sofya Qashqari (Mrs)                                                                       Cumrun Khan (Mrs)

Principal                                                                                             Deputy Principal

012-6655411 ext: 106                                                                         0557008551 / 0506628026











H.I.S is committed to create a rich and powerful curriculum which instills academic excellence, promotes self-reliance and encourages respect and appreciation through a variety of learning experiences. H.I.S strives hard to reach academic excellence every year.

1.     Kindergarten Classes:

The children are taught spoken English, Numerals and Arabic. Talents in the fields of Art, Craft, Music, Singing and Dramatics are developed. To improve the psychomotor domain, children are exposed to various ART & CRAFT activities. The foundation for good handwriting is laid here. The child is exposed to the experience of interacting in a peer group.

2.     Primary and Elementary Level:

These sections help the children to develop their all-round personality. In the classroom, the child is encouraged to understand rather than to memorize, to enjoy learning, to think independently and logically develop good study habits. The children are given projects, assignments, group discussions etc.

3.     Library:

There is a well stocked library for students’ use. The library has a projector which is used by the teachers as a teaching tool. Teachers and students use the projector for presentations, reports and more.

4.     Science and I.T Laboratories:

Well equipped laboratories for Science and Computer Science offer the students avenues for experimentation and learning through practice.

5.     Extracurricular Activities:


KG: - Colors Day, Sports Day, Spring Party, Fruits and Vegetable Day, Quran Competition, Eid Party, End of First Term Party, Weather week, Career Day, Painting Day, Earth Day, Graduation Day


Grades:- Sports Day, Annual Day, Spelling Bee, Story Writing, Career Day, Good Handwriting Competition, Coloring Competition, Math Wizard Contest, Computer Creativity Day, Science and Art Exhibition, End of First Term Party, Eid Party, End of Second Term Party.




Dear Parents,


           To ensure smooth running of the school we request parents NOT to enter the building during 7:20 am – 1:40 pm. All students (KG to Grade 8; Boys and Girls) must be dropped and picked up at the front gate. For safety and security all parents must wait outside.

If you would like to speak to a teacher please call Administration 012-6655411 ext: 107 and leave a message for the concerned teacher. The teacher will return your call within 24 hours.


If you have an urgent matter please contact via telephone, please call and arrange an appointment:


·   Ms. Sofya (Principal) 012-6655411 ext: 106

·   Ms. Fatima Babtain (Principal’s Assistant) 012-6655411 ext: 110

·   Ms. Cumrun  (KG / Girls Section Academic in charge - Deputy Principal) 0557008551 / 0506628026

·   Ms. Beenish (Academic Supervisor) 012-6655411 ext: 108

·   Ms. Amara (KG Coordinator) 

·   Ms. Nada ( School Councilor) 012-6655411 ext: 111


·   Mr.  (Boys Section Academic Supervisor) 012-6655411 ext: 116

·   Mr. Mohidin (Manager) 012-6655411 ext: 102

·   Mr. Nasir (Accounts) 012-6655411 ext: 101


Without prior appointment parents will not be allowed to meet the Principal or teacher.


 Thank you for your support and cooperation.






The Mission of Hera International School

One of the most important responsibilities a school has is to establish a positive environment that contributes to learning.

 Students are accountable for appropriate behavior at all times during the school day. Every endeavor is made to provide rewards and to encourage positive behavior; however, behavior that negatively affects the learning environment cannot be tolerated. Negative behavior in the school environment adversely affects student learning.

The school and the home are a cooperative team working together for the future of your child. Neither the school nor the parents can do it alone. We need your support in helping to teach and sustain appropriate behaviors. Most importantly, at this time, we ask you to sit with your child and to let him/her know that you support the school and that we are all working together.


The mission of Hera International School is to empower our students so they are able to lead and succeed.


1. School Expectations

 Each student and staff member has the right to experience a safe and friendly school environment where all individuals are treated with respect.

Listening to each other helps us all get to know each other, to understand our environment, and to acquire new knowledge and most of all, it teaches us how to understand one another.

We all learn how to set goals for the day, the week, the year, for a lifetime and how to develop internal discipline and strategies to reach those goals.

We all learn how to set priorities and how to accomplish things in life that give academic success as well as those that give personal gratification.

 We all learn to accept responsibility for our actions and to understand that each of us is responsible for the choices we make in our lives.

Overall, we learn to create, within our lives and within the school, conditions that foster, enable and release creativity, talent, ability and potential.

We expect the best from ourselves and from others.





2. Arrival and Departure Procedure

·         Arrival - Doors open at 6:45 – students should not enter school before this time.

·         Students should arrive on time for our Morning assembly that begins at 7:25.

·         Their first class begins at 7:45am.

·         Departure - Parents are expected to pick up their children on time.

·         Dismissal for Pre K – Kg is 12:30pm to 1:00pm. Please collect the students between this time.

·         Private students Grades 1-8 1:40pm.

School closes at 2:00pm after this time the students will be left in the administration.


3. Attendance Policy

·         Attendance is taken at 7:35am each day for grade 1-8 students.

The successful progress of students depends on prompt and regular attendance.

We expect students to attend school every day to receive the maximum benefits of instruction.

Parents will be notified if a child is late on a repeated basis.

Habitual tardiness gives the child the impression that education is not important and does not help a student develop a sense of internal discipline.

Arriving on time is the beginning of showing good organizational skills.

As with any absence, any work missed may be made up within a reasonable period of time.


4. Early Dismissal from School

No student will be released to the nanny or driver without express permission from the parent. Permission via a telephone call may only be accepted by a member of administration.


5. Excused Absences or Tardiness

An excused absence or tardy is one for which no negative consequence is assessed against the student. Only a written note from a parent or guardian may excuse students who are late to school for a valid reason or who need to leave school early.

Students should give their notes to their Class  Teacher.

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all missed work and to make up the work in a reasonable amount of time. Work missed due to an excused absence must still be made up.


6. Discipline and Behavior (Rules, Consequences and Rewards)

1.      No verbal or physical abuse is permitted at any time.

2.      We do not tell stories and we do not try to get other people in trouble.

3.      We keep our hands, feet and other objects to ourselves and respect each other’s space.

4.      We are expected to treat others as we would like to be treated.

5.      No mobile phones, cameras, laptops, video games or other electronic devices are permitted on school grounds without express permission. Any electronic device accidentally brought to school is to be turned in at the start of the day and picked up after school.

6.      Confiscated devices will be turned in to administration and returned at a time to be determined. Parents will be notified of repeat incidents.


STUDENT duty towards the school.

·         You have the right to expect that you will be treated with respect.

·         You have the responsibility to treat others with respect.

·         You have the right to a safe place to learn, free of disruption.

·         It is your responsibility to follow the school’s discipline guidelines, and to be responsible for your own actions.

·         You have the right to a meaningful learning experience with an appropriate and challenging curriculum.

·         You have the responsibility to work to your highest potential.

·         You have the right to be disciplined in a fair and humane way.

·         It is your responsibility to respect the rights and property of other students and all adults.


The following Behavior will not be tolerated by Hera International School:

·         Classroom disturbance or continued classroom disruption

·         Dishonesty - cheating

·         Dress code violation

·         Inappropriate language or gestures

·         Leaving school premises without permission

·         Non-compliance (not following teacher’s directions) - defiance

·         Physical aggression

·         Playground misconduct

·         Possession of unauthorized items or tools

·         Stealing

·         Vandalism


·         Violations of Behavior Expectations as indicated in School Rules

·         Weapons – includes any item that may be misused in a threatening manner

If a child is to found to break the school behavior rules then the following action will be taken:

1.      Verbal warning

2.      Loss of privileges

3.      Time out

4.      Parents informed

5.      Written warning

6.      In or out-of school suspension

7.      Behavior Intervention Plan

8.      Financial restitution

9.      Conditional re-enrollment


8. Parties

Class celebrations are held at the discretion of the teacher and administration for special occasions and holidays. We ask parents to be careful in what is provided for celebrations and parties. If there is a doubt as to what is appropriate, please consult the teacher. Please alert the teacher ahead of time (at least one day ahead) if you, as a parent, want to send food for a celebration.


9. Homework (HW)

All students are required to attend class ready to learn.

Each student must have the correct academic book(s) for the class, pen/pencil and paper, and completed HW.

Completing HW assignments is a responsibility that students have for themselves and their class.

Parents should make sure that an area is set aside for doing HW and time for HW to be completed at home. They are also asked to monitor whether HW is completed.

As our students are being educated at the academic level appropriate for their ability, we ask that the child be encouraged to complete HW without assistance.

All students should read 20 minutes or more each night


It is especially important for middle school students to study every night, regardless of whether there is a specific homework assignment.



10. Bus regulations.

If your child is travelling on the school bus then the following rules have to be maintained.

o   Your child must sit in the bus properly

o   Your child must not throw rubbish on the bus.

o   Your child must be on time to the bus.

o   Your child must behave on the bus.

o   Your child must respect the driver.

o   Your child must not hit anyone on the bus.

o   If your child breaks any of the rules above, the bus service will be removed.
















License no # 128/S, 112/S, Approved By Ministry Of Education


Dear Parent,                                                                                                                                         

   This is to inform you that school observes a strict hygiene and the cleanliness policy. 

1.      Dress:Children should come in a neat and clean school uniform. Hair should be neatly combed and held back with a white hair band or white stretchable bands. Nails should be trimmed and kept clean. Nail enamel should not be used.  Jewelry (Except small ear studs), color hair bands, fancy clips and fancy watches are not allowed.


2.        Breakfast / lunch: Intake of proper food ensures good health.

Food items like sandwiches, bread, noodles, cookies, cakes, fruits, milk or juices should be sent neatly packed in a lunch box along with a napkin.

Please send fresh, healthy and clean lunch with your child every day.


-       Milk

-       Yoghurt

-       Any fruit

-       Water

-       Sandwich

-       Biscuit


Please make sure your child has his/her lunch, from above mentioned list of food items.  First they should eat their lunch and then buy any healthy snack from the canteen. 


Teachers will take away any junk and unhealthy food items found in your child’s lunch bag.


الرجاء ارسال  فطور طازج صحي ونظيف مع اطفالكم كل يوم :



-اي فاكهه




الرجاء التأكد من أن طفلكم / طفلتكم لديهم فطور الموجود في القائمة في وقت الوجبة في البداية لابد من اكل هذه الوجبة ثم شراء ما يريدون من اكل صحي من المقصف المعلمات سوف يأخذون اي طعام غير صحي في وقت الوجبة ان وجدت في حقيبة اطفالكم .



License no # 128/S, 112/S, Approved By Ministry Of Education

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Dear Parents,

                        Please may we remind you that Hera International School has a strict “No mobile phones policy for students in school and bus”.

Please ensure your child does not bring a mobile phone to school in future.

If your child is found with a mobile phone, the phone will not be returned till the end of the academic year 2016.

إلى السادة أولياء الأمور ,


نلفت إنتباهكم بأن مدرسة حراء العالمية لديها قاعدة صارمة للطلاب وهي عدم إحضار الهواتف النقالة في المدرسة أو الباص

فنرجو التأكد من عدم إحضار أبنائكم للجوال في المستقبل وفي حال وجدنا الجوال مع أي من الطلاب لن يتم إسترجاعة حتى نهاية السنة الدراسية في جون 2015


Thank you for your cooperation.













Student and Parent Councils…


"Our children mean everything to us, why would parents or guardians does not want to be involved?"

Hera International School strongly believes in a close liaison amongst parents, students & school  

What does parental involvement in children’s learning mean?


There are three main ways parents can get involved in supporting their children’s learning:

*      Learning at home: Parents are the first and ongoing educators of their own children and, as such, should receive information and support to help develop their child’s learning at home, in the community and at school.


*      Home/School partnership: Schools must be open to the involvement of parents in the work they do and they should consider ways of providing information that help parents engage with school and their children’s education.


Hera International School masters are always with you for better prospect and high achievements.

For more information log on to: www.hera-school.com

Or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/heraschool











License no # 128/S, Approved By Ministry Of Education

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Dear Parents,


            We would like to inform you that all students attending Hera International School must wear school uniform every day.


The uniform can be purchased from NISHA uniforms located on Sahafa Street beside Children’s Hospital in front of the Fire Brigade; (Telephone # 02 – 6757627, Cell # 0501870776.


Please note all students will be required to wear uniform from September 2017.


For more information log on to: www.hera-school.com

Or visit our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/heraschool


نود ان نعلمكم انه على جميع طلاب وطالبات مدرسة حراء العالمية الحضور بالزي المدرسي كل يوم.

ويمكن شراء الزي المدرسي من محلات نيشا في شارع الصحافة بجوار

مستشفى الأطفال مقابل الدفاع المدني

 ( الهاتف  6757627-02  الجوال 0501870776)

لمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء متابعتنا على موقع المدرسة 


او زيارتنا على صفحة الفيس بوك






License no # 128/S, 112/S, Approved By Ministry Of Education

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Dear Parents,


The school timing is (Grades 1-8) 7:20 am – 1:40 pm. The child should start coming to school by 7:20 am and leave by 1:40 pm.


If students are left in school before or after these times the school cannot be held responsible.

If there is an emergency and you will be late then please inform the school administration.

Please take care of the school timing.


التوقيت المدرسي للطلاب يبدا من الساعه 7:20 الى الساعه     2:00ظهرا

+يبدأحضور الطلاب الى المدرسه في الساعه 7:20 صباحا ووقت الانصراف الى الساعه 1:40   ظهرا

+المدرسه غير مسوؤله عن تواجد الطلاب في المدرسه قبل الساعه 7:20 صباحا وبعد الساعه    1:40 ظهرا فنرجو الاتزام بمواعيد المدرسه وذلك      حفاظا على سلامه أبنائكم .

وشكرا لتعاونكم


Thank you for your cooperation.







License no # 128/S, 112/S, Approved By Ministry Of Education


Lower School Grades 1, 2, and 3




Students will be awarded marks for reading. The students will have a reading log in their dairy which they will be given reading daily to read at home. Please listen to your child read and then sign in the daily log.




-       Comprehension and Composition: every 2 weeks a worksheet will be given for homework.


-       Grammar + Spelling + Word Work: worksheets will be given from outside the book to improve vocabulary.


-       Dictation: 10 words for spelling test weekly. 2 sentences (Grade 1), 3 sentences (Grade 2) and 4 sentences (Grade 3)




-       All children in Grade 2 and 3 have to learn the multiplication tables up to 10.


-       Oral tests will be conducted as well as written tests.


-       Extra worksheets will be given for weekend homework.


·         Overall: short tests will be conducted for all subjects every 2 weeks.


We are making these changes to improve the level of education and we need the parents support.





Policy During Exams


Please make sure that your child follows the following code of conduct during the Exams.


1) Exams will start by 8:00 am. Your child should be here by 7:45 am.

2) Please send stationary with your child every day.

3) Exam will finish at 10:00 am. Please collect your child at 10:00 am by 10:15 am. School will close at 10:30 am.

4) You have to submit Medical note from a doctor, if your child is sick and not able to sit in Exam. Missed exam will be taken on the following day, so please prepare your child.

5) If your child is found cheating during the exam they will not be given full marks on the exam marks.

6) Students have to wear full school uniform during the exams.

Before the exams, please check with accounts branch that your dues/fees are clear.

أولياء الأمور الاعزاء =

الرجاء التأكد أن الطالب /الطالبه يتبع التعليمات الخاصه بالاختبارات النهائيه :

1-  الاختبار يبدأ الساعه 8 يجب علي الطالب / الطالبه الحضور الساعه 7,45

2- الرجاء احضار الأدوات المدرسيه مع الطالب كل يوم .

3- الاختبار ينتهي الساعه 10  الرجاء أخذ الطالب / الطالبه الساعه 10،15سيتم اغلاق المدرسه


4-اذا كان الطالب / الطالبه مريض ولم يستطع حضور الاختبار يجب ارسال التقرير الطبي وسيعاد له / لها الاختبار في اليوم التالى (،الرجاء تجهيز الطالب للاختبار ).

5-اذا تم امساك الطالب / الطالبه في حاله غش لن يحصل على الدرجات الكامله للاختبارات .

6- على الطالب / الطالبه ارتداء الزي المدرسي خلال الاختبارات .

7- الرجاء التأكد قبل الاختبارات من المستحقات والرسوم .






Tips to be a Good Student:


1.   Come to school in a clean and proper uniform. Maintain personal hygiene which will help you remain healthy and confident.

2.   Be punctual and regular to school.

3.   Be respectful and obedient to the officials, teachers and other staff members.

4.   Be polite and courteous to your peers.

5.   Participate in activities organized by the school with true spirit. At the same time, learn to strike balance between academics and extracurricular activities.

6.   Don’t move out of the class except during the permitted recess break.

7.   Keep the classroom, premises and own belongings neat and tidy.

8.   Flush the toilet after using it and keep the washrooms clean.

9.   Maintain total discipline in the school.

10. Follow the instructions of the teachers.

11. Avoid using foul language, playing rough game, quarrelling and fighting.

12.   Realize the value of time. Do not wait till the onset of tests and exams. The key to success is regular, timely and sincere work.

13.   Eat healthy food and exercise regularly.


Tips for Parents

Be generous with praise:

Observe your child carefully and comment on the things that are done well. When you see an area that needs improvement, find a positive way to talk about it with your child.


Encourage “Personal Best”:

Help your child by encouraging him or her to do the best in school and at home. Remember, “personal best” does not mean “perfect”, and learning is not the same as high grades. Children, like adults, need the freedom to make mistakes and to learn from them.


Make learning a priority:

Your attitude toward school attendance, education and involvement in the school makes a strong and lasting impression on your child. Show your child, by example, that learning is a priority.


Show interest in School Work:

·         Talk about school each day.

·         Ask to see class work.

·         Have your child read aloud to you.

·         Read to and with your child from a variety of material in your first language.

·         Encourage appreciation for good efforts.


Offer Suggestions for Success:

Help your child use the following strategies to improve performance in school:


·         Read the assignment when it is given.

·         Keep a list of new vocabulary.

·         Review notes before a test.

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